Xist Fitness Talks About Nutrition

Xist Fitness Talks About Nutrition

~ Carmen Schwartz

We, as a society, talk about working out and getting fit every day. Xist Fitness is becoming more and more popular in this area and has people buzzing about their services all over the internet. People are discovering the fact that optimal health comes

Life Fitness-Xistfrom the best equipment, the excellent staff and the caring atmosphere Xist Fitness provides. But what must also be heard loud and clear is that starting to be healthy at a very young age will make it far easier when heading into adulthood. Then, you can become a member of Xist Fitness and maintain that overall health you’ve been working to establish.


The subject hitting headlines nationwide is, childhood obesity. The news is not only about the bullying aspects that have come to pass, which are harming children on a psychological level – but it’s also about the fact that good nutrition seems to have all but disappeared.


Obesity as a child brings about both immediate and long-term effects on physical health and well-being. It is a fact that obese youth have much higher risks of cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol or high blood pressure. And as they age, and still eat poorly, these factors are causing crises to occur while they’re still only in their thirties and forties. 70% of obese youth have at least one risk factor for cardiovascular disease, but the risks don’t just end there. Pre-diabetes is far more likely to occur in obese adolescents causing the risk for diabetes later in life to grow higher. Bone, joints, muscle problems – all of these can lead to even more areas of illness, such as sleep apnea. And, yes, the psychological repercussions are enormous. Poor self-esteem is running rampant, making it far more difficult for a teenager to thrive in 2013.


The long-term health effects are even more frightening to behold. Children and adolescents who are obese are likely to be obese as adults, which will put them at risk for heart disease, several types of cancer and osteoarthritis. But there is a solution that could turn these so-called statistics from fact into fiction. Healthy lifestyle habits, including healthy eating and physical activity, immediately lowers the risk of becoming obese and developing these diseases.


When it comes to youth, physical activity is being influenced by this day and age, considering the food and beverage industry is mostly ‘fast-food’ for the quick and easy method of grabbing dinner. Not to mention the technology age that has children and teens eating that fast food while sitting in front of the computer, the Xbox, etc., and not moving an inch.


From schools to home, everyone plays a critical role in stopping childhood obesity by establishing a safe and supportive environment that only supports healthy behaviors. These healthy behaviors stick, believe it or not. Everything a child knows is learned from the people around them, which means if they are brought up learning that certain foods are negative and others are positive – as well as the fact that walking and getting into the great outdoors for some healthy activity is a good thing – then this problem can be fixed.


Many books are being released on health and nutrition, especially for the working family that simply doesn’t have the time to sit and make a four-course nutritious meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner anymore. For example: Joyful Cooking in the Pursuit of Good Health literally lays out an easy plan to improve eating habits with education and creative recipes that actually taste good (as opposed to some of those diet mixes that simply don’t work.)


And now a brand new series has begun that has been sparking the nutritious energy all over Rhode Island – soon to be taken nationally – in regards to children having fun while they learn about healthy eating. “Is Your Hair Made of Donuts?” is a book that allows the child to have fun and thrive. The writer, Joy H. Feldman, knows about nutrition. She knows children are especially vulnerable to poor eating habits at the age where they have tremendous internal demands.


Obesity now affects 17% of all children and adolescents in the United States – triple the rate from just one generation ago. But there are solutions. Xist Fitness is already on the map, thankfully, to allow you to achieve and maintain optimal health. But by starting young and gaining knowledge, we can say goodbye to childhood obesity once and for all!




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