Wonder What The Buzz About Nerium Is?

Wonder What The Buzz About Nerium Is?

~by Betsy Smith


Nerium_International_ProductNerium International is 2 years old and their success has been legendary.  With just their first product, Nerium AD Night Cream treatment they achieved record sales of over $100 million in the first full year.  Sales more than doubled in 2013, and with the addition of the Nerium AD Day Cream last September and a topical contouring cream for the rest of your body due out in April, 2014 sales will be huge!


Nerium International has it all.  With true science (www.neriumskincare.com) and products using the patented antioxidant NAE-8 extract from the Nerium Oleander plant, a CEO, Jeff Olson, who is renowned in the industry for building huge companies, and plans to go global as early as April, the time is right to join Nerium and build your own legacy business.  It is a true ground floor opportunity with a proven track record.


I joined the company about a year and a half ago and have never been happier.  I not only earned my FREE IPAD and Lexus Car Bonus within a few months, I have helped many others do the same part time.  I love that our own face is our best advertisement, because when your friends see your results, they want to try it!  With a 30-day money back guarantee, there is no risk.


Nerium International offers unique opportunities to Brand Partners who dream of owning their own business!  

Looking for a way to earn extra income? Nerium has it all! Join Nerium and immediately you have access to amazing training that can be done at your convenience from your very own website and a team to help you.  Our team is actively looking for motivated people.  Feel free to contact me or check out my website.  www.namaste.nerium.com

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