Why Nerium? And Why Now?

Why Nerium? And Why Now?

~by Betsy Smith

Timing is everything. But without the complete package timing is irrelevant.

What do I mean? I was in a start up with a fantastic product with tons of science, but the company folded. I learned a lot from that experience and realized too late that our leadership did not have the know-how or knowledge to make it work. The compensation plan was lacking. And there was no real strategy or vision.


That is why when my friend called to tell me about Nerium International, another start up, I had no interest. But I did the best thing I could and let him educate me on the company and why this was different. And I joined!

Now the timing is even better! We have a proven track record. We posted over $100 million in sales in our first full year and in just 2 years sales will be over $300 million mostly with just one product.

We are about to go global and bring out additional products at our International Convention in St Louis in early April. The future is bright.

So what makes this THE opportunity to join?

Beauty and especially anti-aging is the fastest growing segment and the most successful companies in this industry are in this vertical.

We have REAL science, and an exclusive product line using our patented extract.

We have a 30-day product money back guarantee and a $5,000 guarantee on the Business opportunity!

Nerium has the most lucrative compensation plan that includes executive type cash bonuses ranging from $25K up to $1 million.

We have a program called Nerium Gives Back where we send FREE inventory to all of our Brand Partners.

And we have a state of the art back office that includes our own cloud and the ability to run your business from your smart phone. A truly portable business!


Want more info? Call me at 847-431-3536 or email betsyrsmith@mac.com

Our team is exploding! Join us for the fun.

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