Unpainted Fish Mounts for Do-It-Yourselfers

Article 2 image 2Fishermen with artistic ability can purchase high quality fish blanks from King Sailfish Mounts, the leader in fiberglass replica mounts for more than 20 years.

“Painting a mount does take skill but why not make it a wintertime project?” said Raymond Douglas, founder and president of King Sailfish Mounts.

The fiberglass mounts come in two versions. Those are economical half-side blanks and taxidermist blanks. Both types are lightweight, easy to handle, and are cast from top quality fiberglass. Click here to see examples of half-side blanks and taxidermist blanks.

“You can use nearly any kind of paint, from the finest lacquers to household paint with good results,” said Douglas. “That’s the beauty of this do-it-yourself project. You can use what works best for your skill and budget.”

Half-sided mounts, as the name implies, allow painting and display of full-size and anatomically correct fish bodies in the least expensive manner. Also called low-profile mounts, only the front side of the fish is displayed. The backside of the mount is concave. This style of mount allows the side fin to be attached securely to the body and will not protrude or break off. There is little prep work required, making this a logical choice for beginners of anglers with limited artistic skill.

Taxidermist mounts are highly detailed and cast from new molds. The unfinished mounts include all prep work, including finished seams and installation of the ventral fins and mouth. Also included is all putty work and priming. Attaching one fin, the eye and teeth, if required, is all it takes to prepare the mount for painting.

All taxidermist blanks include finish mouth interiors, ranging from minimal to highly detailed features. The level of detail is indicated on the specification page for each fish blank.

Some taxidermist blanks include fully finished and opened gill coverings. Largemouth bass and tarpon are examples of fish blanks that come standard with open gills.

Many species and mounts are perfect on the backside and can be easily displayed as double-sided fish in the taxidermy mounts. They are also available in optional ready-to-paint condition.

Most fish blanks are securely sandwiched between two rigid sheets of cardboard to prevent damage during shipping. Mounts are shipped via FedEx ground.

For more information call King Sailfish Mounts toll-free at (888) SAILFISH; or email kingsails@aol.com.



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