The Silent But Deadly QB


 by Amy Lignor

Whenever someone speaks about the glorious QB – whether old or new – the list of names used most often are the same. It seems that if your last name isn’t Manning, Brady, or even Montana (or; young, odd and fun 49ers successor, Kap) – than you are simply overlooked in the NFL. You are not the one the advertisers come to in order to sell their cars, etc.

However, in 2013 we are all learning a great deal about the lesser-named QBs, and how they are outshining the apparent stars.


Drew Brees for the New Orleans Saints is one of those men. He may not be the Montana of old or the Manning of today – but Brees is Drew_Brees_Saints_2008making his mark (quietly, yet always amazingly) in the QB slot.


For anyone who watched the Saints’ season, thus far, Brees has been doing a remarkable job. They are not an undefeated team, of course, but the Saints are showing that they are on the short list of teams you SHOULD watch out for when you come to challenge them in their neck of the woods, so to speak.


Yesterday Brees shone in a spotlight that was probably meant for Romo of the Dallas Cowboys. We all know there is a HUGE fan base for the Lone Star State Cowboy team, and they are usually always the frontrunner for the televised game (if Brady and Manning happen to be doing something else that day).


34 of 41 passes completed; 392 yards; FOUR touchdowns – these are the outstanding statistics for Brees as the Saints literally whipped the Cowboys in a gunfight, 49-17, last night.


With a 7-2 record, the Saints posted 40 first downs (which is an NFL record); and 625 total yards (a franchise record); and offered 242 yards rushing. The New Orleans Superdome has never been more ‘super’ in its life. In fact, for a while Brees looked like the Man of Steel, himself (just wearing gold and not the traditional red, white and blue.)


Are the Saints the best team in the NFL? Well…everyone always goes with statistics when it comes to this question. Yes, the Chiefs are the undefeated ones, and, yes, Brady and Manning have that arm that can turn a bad game into a miracle win. But the New Orleans Saints have the grit of the New York Giants (a team you can NEVER count out no matter what their stats say).


Brees is beyond efficient in the QB slot. He spreads out the ball to all his talented players so they each have the chance to bring their own expertise to the field. And in both run and pass categories, last night the Saints showed that they have a wealth of expertise just dying to be unleashed.


A comment was made by the Saints that they played ‘smash-mouth’ football – and that is exactly what they delivered to the Cowboys. Romo looked more than beleaguered. In fact, he looked about as frustrated as a QB can – especially seeing as that his team posted only 43 plays the entire game.


Now, was Brees the all-star in the game? No. He was the leader. He certainly isn’t a glory-hound. He is simply the one behind center who will do anything he can to allow ALL of the Saints to come marching in.


So here’s a shout-out to Brees and the Saints! You’re doing well, boys. Let’s see what the future brings.


Until Next Time, Everybody,



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