The Lion


Ever consider sticking your head inside a ferocious lion’s mouth?   Under normal circumstances, probably not one of your top priorities, but remember seeing the circus lions for the first time?  Eyes wide with astonishment as the tamer opened the mouth of the King and gallantly stuck his head in, then safely back out happily bowing at the crowd… “TA-DA”!

Amazing exotic animal performances, hilarious clown-age, flying trapeze artists, kids everywhere wanted to join the circus and be part of the act.  The Greatest Show on Earth was filled with magic and wonder, igniting sparks of possibilities.  This Artistic image of the lion surely has captured the spirit of circus fun and portrays the courage, strength and power of this incredible beast, the lion.
This short sleeve shirt is 100% Cotton, 6.1 oz heavy weight. Color Natural
Image is on the Back of Shirt.

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Front of Shirt has Road Trekin “Free 2 B’ Logo

Friont of Shirt

Friont of Shirt


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