The Greenest Day of the Year

The Greenest Day of the Year

~ Samantha Lewis

The greenest celebration of our world: Earth Day, is here! Easter is now over, and there are many people who spoke about how green they made their holiday. Many dyed their Easter eggs naturally by boiling them in water, vinegar, and natural dyes. imagesThere were ‘menus’ regarding how to turn those eggs red by utilizing beets, as well as how to create a lovely purple shade by using that all-natural grape juice. There was fun outside, instead of inside this year. There were natural, organic gift baskets from the Easter Bunny that were a whole lot of fun for him to put together, and a whole heck of a lot of fun to receive.


There are even new lists out already regarding Memorial Day and the Fourth of July – the next two holidays in line – where everything can be far more greener and far more fun when it comes to the ultimate celebrations of each. Walking in the park, bicycling, running, walking – the Great Outdoors is the key to making these lovely days greener. And the outstanding parades and fireworks coming in fast as we head into the future, will be put on for the community using some of the greenest ideas ever thought up.


But the ultimate green day, as we all know, is the one holiday absolutely dedicated to the beauty of it all. Tomorrow, April 22nd, over a BILLION people across the globe – 190 countries, to be exact – will come out and take action for Earth Day! They will be doing projects in California. They will plant trees in the U.K.. Entire neighborhoods will come out of doors and clean up their areas, tossing the garbage, painting houses – making sure to give back to Mother Nature as much beauty as possible, seeing as that she delivers it to us each and every day.


With each new year – well, let’s face it, each new day – the world becomes even more difficult to maintain. Challenges arise that call out to everyone to come together. We must find technology that helps suburbia. We must find greener ways to do things, so that animals,  forests, beaches – everything that has been here forever for us to enjoy – can STAY here for your grandchildren’s grandchildren to enjoy. Now is the time to think of everything from fresher air to more careful building projects.


Earth Day 2014 brings all of these environmental challenges into focus. Climate change, although some people would still like to tell you is a figment of your imagination, is now clear as day – or should be – to the whole world. Polar vortexes, the earth disintegrating and falling into oceans, taking houses with it, etc., each and every area on this earth – from the jungle to Manhattan (no, they’re not the same thing), needs help, and the population of this world is working to do just that.


Creating sustainable environments is a must on the “Top Ten Things to Talk About” when it comes to Earth Day, 2014. But in this 21st Century, talk IS cheap, and communities are working studiously to make sure these dreams of making the world a greener place turn into reality.


The global theme of Earth Day 2014 is, Green Cities. Investing in sustainable technology, improving public policy and forcing people ‘in charge’ to look at ways to develop better, greener technology, as well as offer more education to people, are all things on tap. With these factors put in place, the world can literally transform all cities into green cities with sustainable futures.


This IS the time! Every single day we must do our part to make a greener world, but tomorrow is the national day to work on all issues. Whether you are in a small, rural town in the middle of America, or surrounded by tall skyscrapers, tomorrow is when the ultimate power surge comes together.


The action of one person is great – the action of a billion coming together to save this world is awe-inspiring. Make sure to join in and do your part to save this planet!



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