The Grandmaster of a Grand Sport

The Grandmaster of a Grand Sport

 ~ ZZ Troutski

The world of sports is physical. Every time anyone speaks of a new sport, challenge, event, or just the outdoor world beckoning them to come out and have a good time – the physical body is what is offered a chance to distress. However, there is a sport that very much calls out to the brain and research is showing that this particular sport is being learned by children, young adults, all the way up to the senior citizen group in order to exercise the brain and relieve stress.


Seems odd, I know, that overworking the brain could relieve stress. But the fact is that strategy – everything from checkers to doing a crossword puzzle – is something that allows the brain to move away from reality. The brain can leave behind the chores list, the job experience, the children’s bad day – and, like a fitness gym is for the physical state, this sport is for the mental one.


Chess is no longer just a game for people who seem to be the smartest of the smart. Chess has actually come out with all different types of boards and subjects where players can play a game with imaginative figures, sometimes movie icons, etc., and they must be the ‘Mockingjay’ (ALA The Hunger Games) in order to outwit, outsmart, outplay, and outlast the competitors. The biggest upside with all this? Chess still has the board, the table and the face-to-face interaction. Although the computer will allow this game, people are still choosing to be a part of the human world when playing, and leaving the mobile and computer screens far behind.


This eight-by-eight grid has literally become one of the most popular games across the globe; millions of people are playing at home and in the out of doors where fresh air and nature becomes a part of the learning and playing experience.



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