Social Media Teams: The Debate of In-House Versus Out


by Carolyn Walker

That first step toward realizing your vision—can seem monumental and indeed it is usually the hardest step, but fortunately, the next is easier and the next easier and on and on—because as we all learned a long time ago—an object in motion stays in motion. Nerium International is “an object in motion” and it is staying in motion. With $100,000,000 in 2012, their first full year in sales, NeriumAd Day Cream, released this month September, 2013, and enhancing the compensation plan by adding the Builder Bonus to the compensation plan, this company has already broken numerous records in the industry. In short, a lot a people are earning a lot of money with Nerium International. What will the financials look like once this company, which is poised to open international markets, opens outside the United States?

Carolyn Walker /



Source: Baret News Wire


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