Rescue Fraud Leaves Two Bulldogs Stranded in North Carolina

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The rescue world is based on trust. Trust, it’s a matter of life and death for the animals on death row, and the survival of rescues that are desperately trying to save them. When that trust is violated it can mean the death of a dog.

This is the story of two such dogs.Pat and Pattie,

Pat and Patty were an abandoned pair of Bulldogs left at the Bladen County Animal Shelter in Elizabethtown, NC. Although this shelter is often over crowded, they do their best to get the dogs and cats out of there so they do not have to be euthanized. They will only euthanize if they run out of space.

Unfortunately due to space restrictions Pat and Pattie were scheduled to die the next morning when a miracle happened. The phone rang and a female identifying herself as Angela advised she was with a local rescue group and offered to save the pair. She promised to keep them together and take them in to a wonderful rescue. She told them she just had to make transport arrangements for them.

A local rescue group known as “A Shelter Friend” that works with Bladen County by pulling death row dogs and placing them with local non kill shelters was ecstatic that these sweet girls would be saved. They fully trusted that Angela was a representative of this rescue and subsequently pulled the pair for her and placed them in boarding, then waited patiently while Angela supposedly worked out transport arrangements.

Time went on and A Shelter Friend did communicate with Angela several times to see how things were moving along and when Pat and Pattie were going to be picked up from boarding. Then they lost all contact with her.

When they again attempted to call Angela, her phone was a magic jack phone, and her number would not allow for a message to be left. They attempted to call the rescue she claimed to be affiliated with and they had never heard of anyone named Angela working for them.

Now A Shelter Friend has two sweet lovable Bulldogs with no place to go, stuck in boarding and all the pledge money has run out. This is so horribly wrong. Angela has done nothing to help these dogs and misrepresented herself as a member of a rescue.

Now Pat and Pattie who were so filled with hope to go to a new, safe place are now stuck in boarding with no place to go, no foster, no rescue, basically in limbo. It is the ultimate betrayal to the dogs and to A Shelter Friend who took Angela at her word and fronted money to keep the dogs in boarding temporarily. Unfortunately due this betrayal of trust they are now going to very careful of whom they trust, fearful that they will end up with another dog in limbo.

Sadly, A Shelter Friend does not have the funds to keep them in boarding indefinitely and will be forced to return them to the shelter where they had previously escaped an unthinkable fate.

When the shelter gets a call only hours before a dog is killed, they have to go on trust to prevent any dog that has a place to go from being killed.

A Shelter Friend is asking for your help to get a rescue for Pat and Patty as soon as possible and donations to keep them safely at the vet while waiting for a place to go.

It is $750 a month/ $25 a day to keep them in boarding. If the money is not raised or a legitimate rescue does not come forward Pat and Pattie will be returned to Bladen County Animal Shelter where they may die. Not a good option for these beautiful, very sweet and good girls who are filled with such hope that someone will save them.

If you can provide a loving home or are a legitimate rescue willing to take these two in, please call Sylvia at: 910-876-0539, or Debbie at: 339-832-0806, or email:

Please send any donations for boarding to:, or by calling the Elizabethtown Veterinary Hospital directly at: 910-862-3000.

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