Out of the Box


Out of the Box

Well, looks like Jack finally did it!  After all those years of being of being stuffed back into the box, he found escape.

Good ‘ol Jack in the Box, have you ever wondered who the sicko was that invented such a bizarre toy to scare the crap out of children?  Clowns and gags go together, but this goes way beyond funny. You can’t tell me that you did not get the day lights scared out of you the first time that Jack “Popped” out of the box!  Even worse is when you realized that he was not dangerous; you then turned around to demonstrate the toy to your unsuspecting little brother or sister to scare the daylights out of them.

Sick I tell ya! It is quite possible that Jack in the Box was responsible for imprinting some children with a fear of clowns, but not without the help of sadistic human nature. Now that Jack is free, hopefully he can lighten the hearts of those still fearful, as clowns are meant to make everyone smile.

This short sleeve shirt is 100% Cotton, 6.1 oz heavy weight. Color Natural

Image is on the Back of Shirt.

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Front of Shirt has Road Trekin “Free 2 B’ Logo


Friont of Shirt

Friont of Shirt



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