Nerium International’s HUGE Convention in St. Louis

Nerium International’s HUGE Convention in St. Louis!


1559422_10203125624160171_988695126_oIn just a few days we will all be meeting in St. Louis at the Edward Jones Arena where the Rams play.  Who would have thought that in just over 2 years a company could have set so many records and created so much buzz!


If you are in the industry of direct selling and looking for a new, exciting and stable home, Nerium is the place to look.  First year sales of $100 Million with just one product in one country, is testament that the product works.  The anti-aging night cream, Nerium AD, is the buzz across the country.


The day cream was added just a few months ago.  At conference the new sales numbers will be released, and are expected to more than double.


International expansion plans will begin.  A new product, a contouring cream for cellulite and fat busting will be released.  And many more announcements about compensation will be coming our way.


Having been in the industry for about 10 years, I have never seen anything like it.  Jeff Olson and his team keep making it better.  They have already made several changes to put more money back in our pockets and there is more to come.


We give back FREE inventory, something no other company does.  I have earned over 250 FREE bottles that I can use for marketing purposes.


Looking for a home based business?

Nerium International offers unique opportunities to Brand Partners who dream of owning their own business.

Check it out and join the fun!

For questions call me.  Betsy Smith 847-431-3536


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