Nerium International Attracts Corporate Leaders For Global Expansion

by ~Betsy Smith

123088183Jeff Olson and the other founders of Nerium are ramping up big time to go global! At only two years old the company has broken a number of records, including for sales. In the first full year they exceeded $100 million in sales with just one product and only in the US. 2013 will be well over $200 million.


And that is why they are able to attract corporate giants over to help with global expansion. Jeffrey Dahl is just the first and comes with an impressive background with both Coke and Lufthansa prior to being President of billion-dollar Amway’s Latin America division.


Start-ups rarely attract such weighty leaders, but with everything in place to become the next billion-dollar company in the direct selling industry, Nerium has been able to do just that. This is just the beginning.


Check out this article on Jeffrey Dahl.


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