Green is the New Black


 by Samantha Lewis

You’ve seen all the ads already. Whether you are buried under snow in the Southwest (yuck), or you’re buried in the snow in the Northeast (yuck, but used to it), this week coming up is all about family, giving thanks, and rushing to the stores in order to buy gift after gift after gift. And, of course, NOW there is no such thing really as Black ‘Friday’ because everything starts on Thursday. This year you can finish off that meal and then run around the malls in order to get rid of that holiday weight you just gained in seconds.


But wouldn’t it be so much nicer to enjoy the turkey, enjoy the family, relax, and NOT have to worry about shopping? You can do this. Yes, you can sit on the computer all day and shop online; or, you could simply head to a site that offers a completely ‘green’ gift. A company that uses your donation to provide help with conservation efforts, help for animals that are disappearing because of human and environmental issues, and give to an organization that has proven over the decades that they completely know what they’re doing. You even get gifts in return to give to that special someone that are absolutely adorable – and green to the max!


We are talking about the WWF. The World Wildlife Federation is in need at all times when it comes to saving animals, whole species, lands, oceans – you name it, their mission is to go green in a big way and stop the useless loss of things we, as a species ourselves, need to survive.


You have an array of gifts to choose from here. Their Species Adoption package literally helps protect the future of this entire earth. Your money supports the organization’s huge global efforts to protect wild animals and their habitats.


If you wish, your money can go to the Frontline Heroes, which means your donation will support worldwide conservation efforts. The brand new gift that comes with this package is an exclusive frontline hero doll, which represents all of those extremely dedicated, large-Tiger-photopassionate, and truly wonderful volunteers who are working as the ‘gladiators’ out there to protect the planet you live on.


It’s not a huge stretch to purchase these gifts, and a whole heck of a lot cheaper and more important than spending a ridiculous amount on some new Smartphone. Let’s face it, a phone is a phone and they will be here for the rest of time. With a gift like this, you can help make sure that an actual species, an actual location or habitat, remains intact for all time.


The Federation doesn’t just stop with the species or habitats either. You are talking about a grand plan when it comes to the WWF – a plan that is working every day. Their experts are innovators; they work to solve things like climate change and deforestation, and work 24/7 to make sure that they bring about lasting change.


This is action at every level, and by purchasing a gift or adopting a creature, you are saving yourself the bruises you will receive inside those stores as people go bazaka over the latest piece of technology that will be on its way ‘out’ by January 1st. At the same time you will be increasing education, and allowing the path to be easier for these amazing volunteers as they continue to work in over a hundred countries to increase world wealth, health, and bring back the spirit of nations.


Help make ‘green’ the new black in 2013! Use your Thanksgiving shopping sense to adopt, and encourage the world to be a far better place. (And the adoption certificates with the furry little creatures are absolutely adorable!)


You will be the hit of Christmas!)




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