Fun & Suspense is a Package Deal in Murder of a Stacked Librarian

Fun & Suspense is a Package Deal in Murder of a Stacked Librarian

~ Book Review by Amy Lignor

The featured player in this incredible series is school psychologist, Skye Denison.

It is right before Christmas and Skye is a busy woman, planning a family holiday while at the same time organizing her own TomMurderofaStackedLibrarianwedding to Police Chief Wally Boyd. The couple is thrilled to finally be getting married, and are a very beloved duo in their hometown of Scumble River.

Many times over the years Skye has worked with Wally as a consultant for the Police Department. As their wedding looms along with Christmas plans, Skye’s mind is more than a bit frenzied. The last thing she needs is more anxiety. Unfortunately, all her plans must come to a screeching halt when the town’s librarian is killed, and Skye and Wally must turn away from happy planning in order to find a murderer before the trail goes cold.

The victim, Yvonne Osborne, was not exactly the most popular person in town, so it’s no wonder when suspects begin piling up as Skye and Wally try to deduce who would benefit the most from Yvonne’s death.

Seems Yvonne had high hopes for the town library, but her ideas apparently upset many of the citizens. So as Skye worries about everything from a holiday meal to whether or not her wedding dress will fit, a wealth of would-be murderers must also be investigated so she and Wally can somehow find a way to ride off into the sunset for a much-needed and well-deserved honeymoon.

This is a good novel that will keep all mystery lovers occupied for a day-long reading fest. The citizens of Scumble River are quirky and secretive just like any small town in the U.S. of A.. Wally and Skye are extremely likable and are definitely the Nick and Nora Charles of a location most all people can identify with. Enjoy!

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