Carol O’Connell’s, It Happens in the Dark, is a Suspenseful ‘A’

Carol O’Connell’s, It Happens in the Dark, is a Suspenseful ‘A’!

~ review by Amy Lignor

It is opening night of the play, ‘Brass Bed’, by Peter Beck, and for one audience member sitting in the front row it is also the night they are murdered.

TomItHappensintheDarkThis play, based on a true story of a Nebraska family murdered in their home is not only a creepy tale, but also becomes a deadly play to watch. On the second night of the play, while in progress, Peter Beck has his own throat slashed, becoming the next victim to die in the front row without an explanation or a solution. Reviewers begin referring to the production as; “A Play to Die For,” and most believe this is one play that should NOT go on.

Detective Kathy Mallory of the NYPD Special Crimes Unit takes over the case, but soon finds out that she will receive absolutely no cooperation from cast, crew and almost everyone else in charge. The only person who seems open to helping turns out to be a very silent and never before seen person called the ‘ghostwriter’, who leaves messages for Mallory in chalk on a backstage blackboard.

The cast is more than a little strange and the so-called ghostwriter keeps up the charade of invisibility, leaving Mallory to make her own deductions as she tries to manipulate the witnesses and suspects to get someone to talk.

Calling in the small town Sheriff who investigated the murders back in Nebraska, Mallory brings the law to Manhattan in order to see if the murders of the audience members were at all similar to what happened to a family long ago.

Getting more and more odd every night, a deadly hand begins to create rewrites in the script that include Mallory as part of the vicious story. And when the blackboard reads: ‘Mallory, tonight’s the night’, a mysterious murderer takes charge and the play becomes personal.

A fantastically fun and intriguing mystery!

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