Be First Social Media Team: Turning the Small Fish into Big Successes

Be First Social Media Team: Turning the Small Fish into Big Successes

~ James Moore

When it comes to a brand new business, it is truly the definition of a small fish in a big pond. However, when gathering the right social media/PR team to help that company and promote that brand 24/7, that ‘guppy’ can literally end up with the strength of a shark.


social team 2Every single person has a voice on the social media landscape. Every single company has the same shot – if, again, promoted correctly. Small start-ups are not alone in 2014; there are many opening their doors, and it’s all because of the fact that the internet has proven to be the perfect stage to speak from.


Billboards and huge companies used to be the only ones with that voice. But now, with mobile media, apps, inexpensive avenues to absolutely free avenues that reach out to target audiences and get the ‘buzz’ going in a big and quick way, corporations are no longer the only ones staying afloat in that pond.


Events, contests, giveaways – with each new day the social media/PR team has a myriad of new ways to promote and build a brand. That team, however, must be made up of the best of the best when it comes to editors, writers, site builders, photographers – every single avenue of imagination and graphic design, as well as analytics, must be in place for that social media team to receive an A+ from you.


When it comes to Be First all companies – whether start-up or mid-sized – receive every factor listed above. The content, design, promotion – every platform is utilized by this creative stand-out which is why more and more fish are congregating to their side of the pond.


One of the biggest reasons why Be First comes first is the fact that at their very core, they believe you and your company should stand out from the crowd – any crowd. The venues used are based down to the second, with promotions going out at just the right time in order for your target audience to see you…and no one else.


But Be First is also fully aware that while standing out from the crowd, your company must be on that personal level that talks to the client. Your company must be seen as the ‘friend’ not just the producer or manufacturer of goods. The events, etc., that come about are based on customer service, and getting the customer involved to a point where they feel as if they are part of the successful package.


Connection is a very personal thing – not just for individuals. More and more companies, as social media continues to grow and basically takes over the business landscape – are learning that with Be First these personal connections must be made between company and customer. There are no figureheads to speak of anymore, and there shouldn’t be. When your company needs to be appealing to the crowd in order to yell louder and increase your voice so that the ‘buzz’ builds and builds, Be First makes sure that you and every one of your employees is in on building your brand into a loyal, trusted name.


Social media gives a company a true identity that customers can like and share with their family, friends, etc., and that is exactly what they do. Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, every mobile app you can think of, all of these devices allow the customer to give you and your company the voice you need to make a stand and prove that you are one of the best when it comes to your specific industry.


So when it comes to talking ‘marketing methods’, just remember this: Traditional marketing is over. In this new era, the Be First Social Media Team is the one that swims right along with you, clearing the way so that you – the guppy – will not become a feast for the sharks. …You’ll become one of them!



For more information Contact the Social Media / PR Team at:  BeFirst Media Group


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