BAM: Joining The Franchise Movement

BAM: Joining The Franchise Movement

~ Carmen Schwartz

These were the facts released at the beginning of 2013: Franchise businesses would continue to grow at a slightly slower pace than in 2012, yet the industry would continue to outpace growth in other business sectors. This was true, except for the fact that franchises, thus far, have grown at a steady pace, with 2014 showing growth to be even more expansive.


tan_co_main_a2Now there are issues coming up, as all employer’s know. ObamaCare is constantly in the news, with small-business owners and franchises a bit worried about what will come about for their businesses, growth, and their employees. Franchises have worked for the definition of full-time employees to be raised to 40 hours instead of 30, seeing as that if it remains at 30, their employees could see their hours decline even further.


If franchises have to create a ceiling of 30 hours per week, these owners will have to add staff instead of doling out the extra hours available to their regular staff. Costs will be driven up, considering there’s an overhead for every employee no matter how many hours they work a week.


When it comes to the popular franchises, people must remember that they are already operating on low margins in highly competitive markets; higher costs mean higher prices. And, since franchise businesses tend to hire younger workers, if ObamaCare causes the world to lose business, there will be far fewer employment opportunities for teens and young adults


But even with the ObamaCare issues and the forecast of changing healthcare, the 2014 forecast still shows franchises growing steadily. From new franchises forming to the creation of new jobs to their contributions to the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) – franchises are seen as the category of business that will not have to worry about losing their hold in their industry.


A better fact for the prospective franchisee out there? BAM Brands is a company responsible for some of the most well-loved, profitable consumer-driven businesses in the nation; from the ‘5-Star’ services of The TAN Company and Spray La Vie to the increasing need of MassageLuXe, FaceLuXe, and Xist Fitness when it comes to bettering the healthcare of the American consumer – BAM Brands has got all areas covered. And with the huge acceptance of these franchises, more will be opening up from coast to coast and new jobs will continue to be created.


With small businesses that are being taken over by the world of social media and the need for branding in order to be successful, the BAM franchises have been able to prosper, using that social media technology, mobile applications and more, to their advantage. Events, contests, articles, etc., are all out there for the consumer to see – bringing them through the doors of a BAM franchise because of the fact that no other franchise can supply the consummate professionals and amazing atmosphere that BAM has in place.


Franchises came out of the recession stronger due to the strength and power of the business model that franchises adopt. BAM Brands – with their business model that has proven for years to work successfully – will not only sustain profitability and increase jobs, but the BAM Brands name will continue to grow.


So even if the ObamaCare rules and regulations become a bit confusing; and even if the economic welfare of the country may dip because of Washington politics; it is a true fact that BAM Brands will never stop. This group of franchises will remain the best names for prospective franchisees to join up with in order to be their own boss and come out of any situation smelling like the proverbial rose.


The BAM Brands franchises were built to last! Check them out today at



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