Author Laurie R. King Offers Nightmarish Elements with The Bones of Paris

Author Laurie R. King Offers Nightmarish Elements with The Bones of Paris

 ~review by Amy Lignor

When it comes to the spectrum of human emotions this author has done an A+ job of presenting every single one. From the cruelest and darkest to the most stunning and decadent, King has written a frightening tale. (Yet another TOMTheBonesofParis‘King’ who can scare readers to death).


Harris Stuyvesant is a private investigator who seems to have landed a sweet job. He literally has to walk around the stunning streets of Paris in the 1920’s, and track down a beautiful girl who one day, out of the blue, simply stopped talking to her family. Her parents are back in Boston scared to death, trying to understand why Philippa (AKA Pip) fell off the face of the earth.


Harris believes that the exciting, enticing world of Paris is to blame for Pip choosing to ignore her family. After all, she’s among well-known writers and artisans who literally broke the mold during their time period, bringing about a movement that told one and all to live life to the fullest, no matter what the cost.


But what looks like complete and utter fun from the outside is far different when the private investigator begins to delve into the case and uncovers layers of darkness that he never imagined could possibly exist. Pip is not the only one; she is not the only victim of a true dark monster who would have given The Ripper a run for his money.


Leaving the bright lights of the city, Harris goes into the back alleys and dark, haunted places to stop a perverted soul who’s truly insane.


This plot is so well-written that readers will feel as if they’re in a nightmare and not reading a book. Not for the faint of heart; creepiness, blood and sexual deviance abound. And although the path to the conclusion is marred with some serious fear and depravity, the end is definitely worth it!


Until Next Time, Everybody,

Amy Lignor


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