And the Oracle Sayeth: America Wins!


It happened days ago; Wednesday, to be exact. It happened in San Francisco, where even though they are still a little iffy about their NFL team coming back to life, they were cheering when it came to the United States of America.


The Oracle and her crew took the Cup named after this country in a serious come-from-behind – extremely patriotic win – that had the country cheering. For those who were unable to watch this amazing sporting event that literally has outdone all others shown thus far this year, Larry Ellison and his Oracle crew were looking at an 8-1 deficit against the Emirates Team from New Zealand.


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They clawed and scraped in order for the Red, White and Blue to stand up and scream as they won sailing’s most monumental and much-craved trophy. This is a series of races involving 72-foot catamarans that, at times, exceeded fifty mph on the stunning San Francisco Bay.


Just like the American hockey team wrapped in the flag when they beat the Russians, the Oracle win will go down in history as one of the most amazing and memorable events in sports. Of course…as with any sport and any big performance that a group of people believe they should have won, a cloud immediately formed on the horizon as people remarked that the Oracle used some sort of special technology to actually win. (Give me a break).


The gossip will, of course, be on Google for the rest of time; but, in the end, the America’s Cup belongs to America now – which is exactly the way it should be. Jimmy Spithill was the man who was behind the wheel of the catamaran as it sailed to an eighth straight victory, leaving a surprised New Zealand team in the dust.


This is not the first time the Oracle made a stunning ending; the crew rallied twice from seven-point deficits to win 9-8 during the event. Because of a penalty at the beginning, the Oracle had to make no errors whatsoever for eight straight races, and no matter how loud New Zealand shouts about some conspiracy theory, the fact remains that the Cup is home!




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Source: Baret News Wire


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