Achieving a Turkey Hunting Slam With the Power of Hevi-Shot


Achieving a Turkey Hunting Slam With the Power of Hevi-Shot

 by Troutski

Turkey hunters all speak of two facts that are very important to them: shooting their way into a turkey Grand Slam and having the best ammo and accessories on the market in their pockets to become an ultimate winner in the sport they love.


Providing the highest quality turkey ammo products — from HEVI-Metal Turkey to Magnum Blend HEVI-Shot closes the gap between able and agile turkey hunters and the Grand Slam, shooting one turkey from each of the four major subspecies: Eastern, Hevi-Shot 270x250Merriam’s, Osceola and Rio Grande. All turkeys should be mature, long-bearded toms. Notch one more kill in your belt when you head down to the Sierra Madres of Mexico, take home a Gould’s gobbler and complete the Royal Slam!


Believe it or not, some hunters track down their Grand Slam in a single spring turkey hunting season. Others take their time, some investing years in the art of serious turkey hunting until the Grand Slam is won. It’s often recognized the first step is killing an Eastern tom, the widest ranging North American turkey, and many hunters already have accomplished that feat. You, too? If so, perhaps, it’s time to head down to the Rio Grande to achieve the second level.


With Hevi-Shot products in hand, take step three and enjoy the West as you bag the Merriam. Then, as the Grand Slam hovers right at your fingertips, take a trip to Florida and bag that Osceola turkey to reach the pinnacle of spring turkey hunting success.


Completing a slam is a true challenge and serious sport-shooting achievement. The National Wild Turkey Federation recognizes 4188six slams in turkey hunting: Grand, Royal, World, Canadian, US Super and Mexican. The NWTF has even compiled a list of people who have completed each slam. Complete an application for your kills to be recognized when you bag your birds and your name, too, will appear among the records of the world’s greatest turkey hunters. Click here — How to Register Your Wild Turkey — to learn how.


Turning to the leader in performance ammunition is the only path to take for successful turkey hunting. The expansive line of HEVI-Shot products that are both non-toxic and safe to use on public and private lands offers more knock-down power at extreme ranges, superior pattern density and superior downrange energy.


Turkey hunters who chase down any slam reach their achievement faster when armed with Hevi-Shot ammunition, choke tubes and more.

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