A Suspense-Filled Minnesota Winter Draws Readers in to January Thaw

A Suspense-Filled Minnesota Winter Draws Readers in to January Thaw

 ~ Book Review by Amy Lignor

TomJanuaryThawMira James, a resident of Battle Lake, Minnesota, (a town with a population of only 747), holds the position of head librarian in the town. She is also a part time reporter and is studying to be a private investigator; the latter is a job that seems to be her ultimate calling, considering she’s highly adept at tripping over a corpse when she least expects it.


Recently, Mira has discovered a frozen body near the site of the upcoming Winter Wonderland Festival. The deceased is a man named Maurice Jackson who actually has a tie to Mira’s personal life. At one time, Mr. Jackson had saved both Mira and her assistant, Mrs. Berns, from being harmed by gang members.


Intent on finding the killer and discovering why, exactly, this man was in Battle Lake in the first place, Mira comes across a letter written by an ancestor of Maurice’s back in the year 1865. The murder is not only personal but also historical, as Mira heads directly into a long ago mystery that will involve a missing descendant of the original owner of Prospect House, a mansion that has been turned into a Civil War museum.


As the strange investigation continues, Mira thoroughly upsets many, including the police chief, the Battle Lake Mayor and pet psychologist, as well as her own pet Dachshund, who has the gift of falling asleep while standing up. In addition, Mira comes into unwanted contact with an ex-boyfriend who starts trouble with, of all things, a ghost.


Keeping you on your toes at all times, Mira is one of those interesting characters who never stops amazing a reader. A plot that includes drama, action and suspense, Mira is engaged in almost everyone’s life in the small town which adds a dose of humor to the well-written tale. It’s a good thing she stays busy. After all, a Minnesota winter is long and brutal, especially if you have nothing to fill up your time.


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