A Spademan Unearths Fear in Shovel Ready

A Spademan Unearths Fear in Shovel Ready

 ~book review by Amy Lignor

This tale, set in New York City in the ‘new future’, has more twists, turns, and oddities than ever before seen.


TomShovelReadyOnce a garbage man working in the city, the main character now as a big ‘S’ on his chest, so to speak, but it doesn’t stand for a comic book hero. Instead, he is the Spademan, who basically has a mission all his own.


There was a terrorist attack. On that day the city went quiet; businesses shut down forever and people ran for their lives in search of safer places. Sadly, one of the victims of the hideous attack was the former garbage man’s wife. Suffice to say, the tragedy altered his attitude drastically, changing him overnight from a ‘normal guy’ into a man who has pledged his days to being a hitman for anyone who wishes to bring death to others.


The Spademan is hired to kill the runaway daughter of a TV Evangelist. But when he goes on the hunt, tracks her and finds her, a bevy of surprises come to light that alters both the story and the Spademan’s beliefs dramatically. What he thought was a simple ’job’, turns out to be a truly evil proposition, causing him to go back and forth between reality and fantasy.


In a city that most definitely doesn’t sleep, the reader is brought along on a strange ride through New York streets into a dark and dreary place where most of the richest citizens have chosen to spend their days living in virtual reality rooms while medical staffs take care of them.


This tale is unusual and readers will certainly have a tumultuous and exciting time of it as they deal with grit, fear, pain, and the true oddity that instead of building up the city they love, people chose to turn their backs on it. A sci-fi/suspense lover’s dream.


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